Matthew Hughes was born in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa and was raised on a dairy farm outside Port Elizabeth, today known as Nelson Mandela Bay.


He was very fortunate to attend a private school in the countryside, where we were able to co-mingle and be taught with kids from all races, and nationalities, even though this was banned by government at the time, due to the National apartheid policy, forcing racial segregation.


He desired to be a rancher and his dream came true by years of hard work and risk taking in the African Mining business.  He founded AMC Mining and Crushing which grew into a global company, operating far and wide with more than 600 employees. “We have been truly Blessed and our foundation is in God”


Today he is living his dream with his family on a cattle ranch  purchased near Haskell Oklahoma. Come hear what it was like to live in South Africa during and after apartheid and then immigrate to the USA.


Please invite a prospective member to this meeting. Spread the word that The Rotary Club of Bixby has excellent programs and delicious lunches.

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    Rotary clubs in other countries will then deliver the supplies to needy hospitals and clinics. This is not labor intensive work and will be a great project for spouses and family members.

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